Monday, January 4, 2016

Review: Three Little Lies - Melissa Wolff

Amber has been sentenced to stay with her half-sister Rebecca and her boyfriend Jacob after getting into trouble at home which neither her dad and his new girlfriend can cope or Amber's mother.  The accident resulted in Amber having to get a wooden leg , we aren't given any details of what actually happened which was a shame as I was curious to read about how she ended up with the wooden leg. We just know that as part of her sentence and time away, she has to attend Alateen Meetings which is like the teen version of Alcoholics Anonymous. Amber is shipped off to the smalltown where Rebecca lives and the first thing we notice about Amber is that she has a real rude attitude problem , and this made me not like her character very much as I felt like shaking her and yelling her to get over herself. We then learn that her friend Madison disappeared and everyone said it was a runaway, but Amber knows that Madison would never disappear just like that. Armed with Madison's diary and laptop Amber will start a crusade to discover the truth about what happened to Madison, but when the truth comes crashing down and Amber finds herself in the same position that Madison was in , will she survive to tell the story or will her fate end up like Madison's ? There's a hot guy in town though Ethan who is the Mayor's son , but soon even that will start to get a bit odd as he has all these rules and strange things in place ? What happens when Amber goes digging into Ethan's life , will she like what she finds out or will this lead to more trouble her way and put her and Rebecca in danger ?
If you love teen/new adult romantic suspense with lots of twists and turns, then check out Three Little Lies by Melissa Wolff as it will have you hanging on to the end of your seat while you are reading it.


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