Friday, January 15, 2016

Review: Something Like This - Eileen Cruz Coleman

Something Like This (Secrets Series, #1)

Review: Something Like This - Book #1 Secrets - Eileen Cruz Coleman - April 2015

Firstly, I just realised that this cover actually looks like the girl is being cuddled by another girl which just so readers know is not the case as this is definitely a girl meets guy type novel. Secrets can either hold us together or cause us to fall apart and sometimes you have to wonder what you are keeping a secret - is it worth keeping it inside of you or can you let others know and it not change their perception of you. Everyone has secrets that they don't want people to know and in Something Like This - secrets that have stayed hidden for so long can fester inside of us and cause us to act out or be a certain way.  In Something Like This we meet Jadie who is working at a small publishing literary agents office for Mr. Walker - he is eccentric at times but has a lot of faith in Jadie and believes she is a good person , he is not the only person who thinks this as we meet Reece who is Mr. Walker's nephew and a new budding author and Reece as the book goes along is head over heels in love with Jadie. Though she believes that she doesn't deserve either of them and their welcoming and happiness as she has a secret - she passes her dad every day while he sits on the street homeless and she hasn't offered him help. How can they love her when she believes that she is a bad person for not helping her last piece of family ? Something Like This by Eileen Cruz Coleman was a good read and an insight to what happens when you keep secrets and how sometimes by not letting them out - you can push away people and lash out at them distancing and making yourself more lonely than you ever needed to be in the first place , the other reason why I loved it was that it was simply set mainly at a literary agency and loving books - I loved the setting and atmosphere of the story.
 If you love New Adult stories with a love interest and edginess , then this is the read for you.

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