Thursday, January 28, 2016

VBT# Ascenders - CL Gaber

Ascenders: High School for the Recently Departed (Ascenders #1)

Review: Ascenders - Book #1 High School For the Recently Departed - CL Gaber - April 2015

Walker Hayes woke up in a new place with no idea how they got there or why her mum was moving her to a new part of the world which she assumes is Minnesota during her senior year of high school especially since she is the editor of her school's newspaper. Turns out that Walker Hayes aged 17 has passed over to the other side into a new dimension. This part was similiar to the Kate Brian series The Shadowlands as those who have passed over and whom yet haven't reached their full potential are sent to a limbo sort of place called Ascenders which houses two main buildings and a small community. You have the High School and a Juvie ITT. There are certain rules that must be abided , one of them is that you cannot under any circumstances travel back to earth , but when Walker's new friend Daniel - has made it his mission to head back and save his little brother Bobby whom didn't cross over with him and his other siblings - Walker decides to help. This sends them on a crazy journey through the prison where they will meet some interesting characters and a scary janitor who has a thing for clowns and reminds people of a particular serial killer.
Ascenders was a fast-paced book , but does get a bit slow later on in the story when Daniel and Walker are coming back from trying to find Bobby. Other than that it was a good alternate universe type read.

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