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Review: The Conspiracy of Us - Maggie Hall

The Conspiracy of Us (The Conspiracy of Us, #1)

Review: The Conspiracy of Us - Book #1 Conspiracy of Us - Maggie Hall - January 2015
You know how some books sound amazing when you see the covers and then read the blurbs and you want to start it as you have the hope that it will be fantastic and an awesome read , well for me unfortunately that was The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall as I have to admit I did finish the book but just pass the middle of the book , I have to find it started to drag especially more so after they had found out about Emerson and their pasts. I personally think though if I was about 14-16 years old , then I would have loved this book as it was like Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code for Teens. Avery West on the night of her prom discovers that she has another family out there - her father's and that they are actually one of the most powerful families in the world and now because of a prophecy, she is being hunted . I had hoped that when Avery finally met her father - there would have been a bit more fireworks etc but I found she was shrugged off and slightly glanced at - after all this time - really. You could have just let her be and carried on with the life she believed in, back home with her mother if you didn't really care about her. The other thing that slightly annoyed me with this book was the romantic interest as right through the book she is busy hunting the clues with Jack and you have this glimpse that maybe he is the "one" from the prophecy as they like each other and work well only for it to turn out to be the other guy - the one who she sort-of can't stand throughout the story.  Normally , I would be hopping on to read the rest of the series, but I felt a little let-down by this book and I do admit I think it does have alot to do with my age rather than it being a not-so-great story as it did have a great premise and reminded me of the treasure hunting type movies I used to watch when I was in my mid-teens like Relic Hunter and The Librarian movies with Noah Wyle ( the originals) not the TV spin-offs.  Fans of Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series will love Maggie Hall's The Conspiracy of Us.

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