Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review: King of Wall Street - Louise Bay

In a world where a lot of the books follow the same sort of formula, sometimes you feel that you are reading the same book over and over again. However in that mix, you sometimes get a book that stands out and is written not in a different way but the story captures you and you find you can't put it down and after you finish that book you go "WOW' that was awesome and you want to share the title with the rest of the world, for me that was Louise Bay's new title "King of Wall Street".  
Max King has worked his way up in the world of global finance and is the best , everyone wants to work for him and for Harper Jayne, this is not only her dream job working for Mr. King but also a way that she can go "stick it" to her father as out of all his children, she is the only girl and the only one he hasn't offered a job to within his firm.  Working as a researcher for Max King is her open door to a good career and it would be perfect if her boss wasn't such a jerk.  To Harper Jaybe, her new boss is anything bit a dream as he is a tyrant in the office and simply quite rude.  At least she only has to put up with him at work or so she thought, when she discovers one workout morning that she also shares the same apartment complex as Max King. Can her life get any worse ? 
As the book goes along though, we get to catch a glimpse of the nicer side of Max as it turns out he is a father to a teenager and has a family of females.  When Harper and Amanda befriend , it starts out to be a great friendship and it looks like there is some matchmaking in the works too between Max and Harper as sparks and yes - the good kind start flying. 
Can Harper learn to love both parts of  Max King - Tyrant boss and Loving Dad or will she find it difficult to keep her emotions in check when Tyrant boss starts to overrule their relationship at work ?
Find out in this awesome new book by Louise Bay

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