Thursday, August 25, 2016

VBT# Intertwined - Jenn Marie

Elizabeth has always been the shy, quiet cousin - the one who is bordering on becoming the type to be a spinster and agrophobic. That is until one day while holidaying with her cousin April , she is kidnapped and mistaken for her cousin. Elizabeth aka Lizzie finds herself locked in the old Jefferson Plantation which is said to be haunted along with a guy called Adam. The pair start to pick up clues in order to survive the night and find themselves the following day possessed of sorts. Turns out that for three weeks of each year , a curse is set in motion and the people of that generation in the bloodlines -descendants are possesed by the past - the people of 1905 when the incident took place. This time around Lizzie however is possessed by Josephine and Adam is Braden and of course the Callahans are their descendants. It doesn't make sense though as Lizzie has no lineage or ancestral link to Josephine or does she ? I had hoped that we would have read more into Lizzie's past as it was glanced upon but not really delved as deep as the rest of the cast which was a shame since she is a vital part of the story.  As the book flashes back to the July/August of 1905 and to the present time , can Lizzie and Braden break the curse or will the past hold tight onto them and bring them to the year 1905 ? The way the book went I was hoping as it did look like it would be one book and have a conclusion, however the last page leaves the story hanging on a major cliffhanger and now readers we have to wait for Book #2 which maybe we might just get the chance to discover more about Lizzie's true background and who she really is ?
 If you love Southern Gothic Novels and the Paranormal then check out Intertwined by Jenn Marie as you will not be disappointed with the twists and turns it presents.

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