Thursday, August 11, 2016

VBT# You Before Anyone Else - Julie Cross and Mark Perini

You Before Anyone Else

Review: You Before Anyone Else - Julie Cross and Mark Perini - August 2016

The world of modelling can be a difficult one , some people have the skills and looks to pull it off whereas others will never have the chance. For two people, this world is just a temporary fix and a way to achieve their actual goals in life. Modelling is a stepping stone to get to where they want to end up and they have been blessed with the looks and body to pull it off.  For Finley, all she ever wanted to be was a dancer ballerina like her mother until tragedy hit which left her brothers and her motherless and their father in a wheelchair. This caused her parent's dance studio to be shut down and now Finley with her earnings as a model wants to re-open the studio and become a dance teacher.  Finley could be so much more as she is so talented, can she be swayed that putting off being a dance teacher is a good thing ? Eddie Wells was a rich boy trust-fund baby who screwed up majorly and now with a decision to make that will change the rest of his life, he is needing to make some money fast and luckily he has the body and means to become a model and he's pretty good at it too. When the pair meet it's at a party where Finley is looking to shed her good girl image and one thing leads to another and the pair find themselves wanting to be around each other more and it looks like they are both good and bad influences on one another. What will happen though when Eddie's life as a model is the fantasy and reality - what he has left behind starts to sink in and eventually collide with the new life he has created ? Will Finley and Eddie be able to put themselves first or will they discover that sometimes in life - family is what is most important - no matter what they are like or who they are , you can never fully turn your back or walk away from family - as decisions and your family can always haunt you. You Before Anyone Else spoke to me as growing up, I have always supported my family and I try to put myself first but I keep getting sucked back in as like Finley , I find myself caring too much about my family and their well-being.

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