Friday, August 26, 2016

VBT# Blind Spot - Katana Collins

Blind Spot

Review: Blind Spot - Katana Collins - August 2016
When Shelby's mum died she had no-one left but her stepbrother Harrison and best friend Regan. Her stepfather feeling guilty gets her an apartment in a good part of the neighbourhood after making a call and getting her application bumped up the list. It's not big but for Shelby, it's perfect and it's hers. With her mother gone , reading this made me relate as she talks about missing her mother and how she wishes she could call her and with my mum being gone 2 1/2 years now I can relate to it as even now I wish I could talk to her and I miss her so much at times. Above Shelby, is trustfund baby Tatum aka Tate - his father is the Senator and he believes he is untouchable and all the girls want him - which they do because of his money but Shelby isn't like that and he wants her. I have to admit I really liked the character of Shelby and in a couple of ways I could strongly relate to her.  She's one of those characters whom I wish I could be minus the bad past . As Tate and Shelby start to get to know one another , what will happen when he introduces her to his family and they see her as another gold-digger and unravel her past to Tate ? Will Tate end things knowing she isn't a trustfund baby ? Will he realise that love is more than monetary value and sometimes with the right person it doesn't mean anything to be rich or poor as long as you have one another ? Blind Spot by Katana Collins would have to be one of the better Entangled Publishing Books I have read in a while as though it had similar storylines to others , it just felt fresh with the characters and all the characters you could feel their emotions and envision that they were real and what they would be if they were people in your world.
 I am looking forward to seeing what else Katana Collins brings to the world of publishing as I know this is one author I will be adding to my definite read-list.

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