Wednesday, August 31, 2016

VBT# Fairly Certain - Deborah Ann Davis

Do you have favourite themes or tropes that you like to read about in books ? These favourites of yours can guide you to lots of amazing titles by authors you never knew. Fairly Certain by Deborah Ann Davis contained two of my favourite things to read about - the first was that the main character Petir was a computer geek , as I consider myself a somewhat geek . I have a fascination with reading what I deem as  Geek Chic Lit which feature characters that are quirky, nerdy or display geekish characteristics and Petir in Fairly Certain is a computer geek who loves gaming. The second thing I love is when characters find themselves going back in time or in this case and this part is more enjoyable when they find themselves in the middle of a story or certain era and with Fairly Certain it is the time of Robin Hood and his Merry Men including the lovely Maid Rianne with her bow and arrow.
At Maid Rianne’s instruction, he is brought back to their camp. Maid Rainne is part of a band of outlaws fighting against Prince John for King Richard. To complicate matters, she is betrothed to Lord Robert Gisborne who works with the Sherif of Nottingham.As Petir and Maid Rianne’s feeling for each other grow, she is torn by her feelings for this new comer and her fidelity to a betrothed who may only desire her rather than love her. When she is captured on a trip to compete in an archery contest, Petir set’s out to save her. Of course Petir thinks this is all a dream at first like many of the situations we have read similar to this and then when he realises it - he has two thoughts - will he get home and back to his real life and then the other is - as he falls for Maid Rianne - does he even want to return to reality ? 
Reading Deborah Ann Davis's book reminded me of a book I read similar to this title years ago by Mari Mancusi - A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court and the PC Cast Goddess Series. If you love those Classic tale mash-ups with today's society , then check out Fairly Certain by Deborah Ann Davis as she has written a fast paced tale of Robin Hood Meets the 21st Century.

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