Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Review : Opposites Attract - Jessica Prince

If you are needing a quirky romance story to read filled with laughs , then Jessica Prince's Book #2 in the Locklaine Boys series - Opposites Attract is the read for you . As someone who has been called quirky and wears glasses and loves a variety of music including Taylor Swift , I felt right at home with the main female lead - Delilah. The novel starts off with Delilah finding out who boyfriend is cheating on her and so with her best friend Devon dress up to the nines and go clubbing. It is here that Delilah ends up meeting Richard and having the night of her life with an amazing one-night stand. The thing is they didn't get each other's names - this was purely meant to be a one night stand with no strings attached. A few weeks later , we discover that neither has been able to stop thinking about their amazing one-night stand. What happens from then is that the pair happen to be closer to one another than either realised and a lot of mistaken identity - this part reminded me of the movie "The Wedding Planner" when JLO discovers that the guy she likes was in fact the groom aka Matthew
McConaughey and then it's let the games begin type of  fun as the pair start  a one step forward , two steps back type friendship. There is a lot of back and forth going on with Delilah and Richard, but eventually can it prove that opposites truly do attract one another ? One of my favourite parts of this book was actually the side character of Devon - Delilah's best friend as she was outspoken, blunt and plain hilarious and their fun BJ parties and nope, it's not what you think. The other thing I loved with Book #2 was that they brought forward the characters that we met in Fire and Ice. Due to loving this book as I started Fire and Ice , I found I couldn't finish it but loving Book #2 has made decide to go back and give it another try . 

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