Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review: Stroked - Meghan Quinn

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Stroked (Stroked, #1)

Review: Stroked - Book #1 Stroked Series -Meghan Quinn - July 2016

If there is one author in the world that will always make me laugh, no matter what book they have written it is Meghan Quinn. To me she is my #1 favourite LOL author. Her books are quirky and just plain funny, so much that I am bound to annoy my partner as I sit there and read the funny lines to him while he is trying to play his Xbox One. With the Olympics just finished , there was a massive surge in Olympic and Sports related novels and yes, I know I am behind the times since the Olympics have just finished and this book has been out just over a month but I got there and I have to say like her previous work I have read , Stroked was another favourite and I loved it. From her different characters and personalities to the quirky one-liners and even the romance thread - Meghan Quinn to me is the perfect all-rounder, her books just hit all the right spots of a great read. In Stroked we meet Mauve - sorry mean Paisley who is on her last chance to redeem herself after a stuff-up in her previous job and is the new assistant to Bellini - who is a stuck-up spoilt brat , I imagined her a cross between Emma Roberts in Scream Queens , Snooki from Jersey Shore and Chelsea Kane in Bratz and you have Bellini.  During the book Bellini is in a publicity relationship with swimmer Reese King and we see sparks flying between Paisley and Reese. Can these two keep their blooming relationship out of the spotlight or will Bellini catch on and Paisley's career goes down the drain- once and for all and she can kiss her TV/Film background goodbye ? If you are in the mood for a humourous romantic comedy read and just want to sit back and have a great chuckle and read a hint of romance then you , my dear reader need Stroked in your life.  This is one book that everyone should read for 2016.

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