Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Walk the Edge - Katie McGarry

Walk the Edge (Thunder Road, #2)

Review: Walk the Edge - Book #2 Thunder Road Series - Katie McGarry - March 2016

Katie McGarry is back with her next book in the YA MC series , as readers we are so used to reading MC books that are set more for the New Adult readers and the older audience but YA author Katie McGarry wanted the teens to not feel like they were missing out so she created the Thunder Road series where we meet the two MC gangs Reign of Terror and The Riots. The Reign of Terror , though a MC gang - they are not evil unlike the Riot. In Walk the Edge we meet MC member Thomas aka Razor whose father is one of the board members. Years ago Razor's mother was found dead with her car in the river , her death was ruled as a Suicide and no-one spoke of it again. Razor however has never believed that his mother would just kill herself and leave him behind. Now years later, a detective has come around with proof that his mother was murdered.  Can Razor go to the club about it or will he have to find some other way to search for the truth.  Meet Breanna , her family is a large one - think Cheaper by the Dozen or Yours, Mine and Ours and Breanna unfortunately is the black sheep - the odd one out. When she is blackmailed by one of the football players, she has no-one she can turn to except for the Reign of Terror boy that's been hanging around lately and her lab partner - Razor. As the two pair up they discover they can help one another - Breanna will help Razor discover the truth and Razor will protect her. What happens though when their friendship ends up developing into something more ? Will Breanna be able to fit in with the Reign of Terror or will danger strike them both when their truths and secrets are revealed to the public ?
Find out in Book #2 of the Thunder Road series by Katie McGarry.

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