Friday, August 19, 2016

VBT# Summer Girl - A.S Green

Summer Girl

Review: Summer Girl - A.S Green - August 2016Katherine D'Arcy has got her perfect safe life planned out for her and so far she has been going through the motions ticking everything off on her many lists. The last thing she needs to complete her list is for her best friend Andrew to discover how much she means to him and ask her out on a date and eventually marriage.  Katherine even has the perfect internship alongside Andrew lined up but what happens when Katherine discovers that her mother has withdrawn the money from her college fund to pay bills. I have to admit that this part sounded familiar to my life as I have found it hard to save and due to family financial situations had to study extramurally and work full-time to help pay bills around the house. It seems that Katherine will need a job and fast and her best friend has found the perfect solution - a small island house is looking for a Summer caretaker. Katherine applies and gets the position, the other great thing about the job is that Katherine has always followed rules and everybody else's expectations and now she can finally branch out on her own and discover who the real Katherine D'Arcy is and what it means to be her and more importantly what she really wants to do with her life.  Bennet has been on the island for two years and started off as somewhere to gather his thoughts for his music and he has been here ever since and now he has met his Pride and Prejudice counterpart D'Arcy.  Bennet brings out the real Katherine and she starts to find herself again but what happens when her reality life mixes with the life she has created this summer and turns out that her Island Boy Bennet is a lot closer to her real life than either of them realised.  I have to admit I did not see the near-ending coming and was surprised but I do have to admit that I am a sucker for an HEA. This book reminds me and readers of our relationships in life and the decisions that we have to make mainly the one of - Will we be someone's first choice or are we happy to settle and be the Plan B girl ? Think the finale of Emily M.D scene with the love triangle.
 Summer Girl is the perfect New Adult contemporary romance to read as you can be like me and imagine spending your summers on a small secluded island.

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