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Review: Find My Baby - Mitzi Pool Bridges

Find My Baby

Review: Find My Baby - Mitzi Pool Bridges - September 2012

Locked away, drugged and now her baby has been stolen - life for Kayla Hunter isn't looking up as four-six weeks ago she was a happy mum-to-be and getting ready for her newborn son Sam to arrive into the world when she was kidnapped and her baby stolen from her womb. Four weeks after his birth, Sam is taken away and Kayla is left for dead and manages to escape and find refuge with her Aunt whom she hasn't seen or heard from since she was a little girl as Kayla's mother and her sister had a major fall-out.  Kayla's Aunt's best friend Rose's nephew is a Policeman - enter Luke who seems like he is the only one believing Kayla's story. Can Luke use his police instincts and connections to help Kayla track down her missing baby Sam especially when the other cops believe she was the one to kill and harm her own child ? As the story goes along, we read as a major conspiracy starts to unravel and as more people turn up dead who could help solve the possibility of where Sam is - Kayla and Luke feel that they will never get Sam back at this rate ? With no family that she knows of out there except for her Aunt as Sam's father is dead , who would want to target Kayla and her baby ? Not to give away the rest of the story , I shall leave you readers with the parting words that Find My Baby was an intense and in some places an intricate web of lies and deceit and conspiracies that hold the readers interest as they flip and read through the pages and like most readers who get involved with the books they are reading - we want only one thing to happen in this book - to make sure Sam is returned back to Kayla safe and sound. If you love thrillers and romantic suspense novels , then check out Find my Baby as you will not be disappointed as Mitzi Pool Bridges's book keeps you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning to the very last page.

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