Friday, August 26, 2016

VBT# The Last Dance - Zoe Blackwood

 The Last Dance

Review: Last Dance - A Novella - Zoe Blackwood - August 2016

You know how often you read books and there is a part of them that touches you and makes you remember or think of your own lives and those around you or in this case , those that you are involved with. For me, in a way The Last Dance by Zoe Blackwood reminded me of a part of my life in the relationship field - not quite to the extreme featured in the book but on the other end of the scale. In The Last Dance we meet Joey and Parker , they have been dating for years and Joey is the only girl whom Parker wants to share his future with for the rest of his life , the thing though is Parker is A) addicted to sex and having a good time and B) the drugs and his extra-curricularar activities are a bit shady. In The Last Dance we notice that Parker seems to cheat on Joey a bit , but she has rules A) Parker can't invite them to their house and B) She must never meet them and C) it is a one-off with the girl , no repeat calls. As Joey knows deep down that despite his philandering ways that Parker loves her and would be lost without her as he doesn't love the other girls - to him they are just a means to an end. During one of Parker's exchanges , he breaks the rules and Joey is hurt and feels betrayed as now her mind is overthinking whether or not it is worth being in the relationship - this part I can relate to as often we get hurt by the ones we love the most and then life throws us a curveball and we end up back with them , however at the back of your minds will always be that strong niggly feeling of whether you are living your relationship on borrowed time and that it will  be only a matter of time and then they will hurt you for good or whether they have changed and they do truly care about you and love you . As girls, we often wonder that feeling of should we stay or go ? I know I do and I was feeling it the other night as it's coming up to the 5 year mark of the "official" second time around. I thought that Last Dance was going to be a pure romance story but turned out to be an Edgy one filled with Sex , Betrayal , Heartbreak, Drunken rampages, Drugs and Forgiveness and all the obstacles that come with being in love.

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