Friday, August 26, 2016

VBT # The Best Friend Bargain - Robin Bielman

Oliva aka Liv and Danny have always been the best of friends, even growing up despite Olivia hanging around Danny and his friends - it was always Danny she was closest too. The two were inseparable, that was until she stuffed up her career and decided the only way was to jump across the ditch to the UK and start fresh. She left without a goodbye and was gone for six months and loved living in London, she even met a great guy called Will and all was going perfectly until the bombshell dropped that she was pregnant with Will's child. Of course he gave her an ultimatum which lead to her jumping ship and heading back home and straight into Danny's life.  Olivia grew up without a father and her mother blamed her for him leaving and she doesn't want to repeat the same mistake and make her child feel that way ever , so she has an idea - to ask Danny to marry her and become the father of her child, so that it doesn't grow up fatherless. The idea is perfect Olivia thinks as Danny has always made it clear due to his illness , he doesn't want to get married or have children of his own as he would never burden someone with the future of having his illness impacting their lives.  Can Olivia and Danny make this work as best friends or will other repressed feelings start to appear as of course we know how horny men and pregnant women can be ? I also have to admit I loved Olivia's craving of honey and the honeyed bacon sounded delish.  One of the things that I loved about The Best Friend Bargain was the fact that the author didn't rush into the whole "I love you" scenes and had the story building up to this point as reality is when in this situation that you have been friends with someone for so long - you often don't want to ruin the friendship by trying a relationship as the backlash can be worst. Another personal favourite of The Best Friend Bargain was Olivia's background as a handwriting analyst  as I have always been fascinated with this pyschology and craft.
If you are wanting a Best Friends to Lover story that seems more realistic than others , then check out Robin Bielman's 3rd book in the Kisses in the Sand series "The Best Friend Bargain".

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