Monday, August 15, 2016

VBT# Hitched - Volume #3 - Kendall Ryan

Hitched: Volume Three (Imperfect Love, #3)

Review: Hitched - #Volume 3 Hitched Series - Kendall Ryan - August 2016

I now bring you readers , the 3rd and last volume of the serial Hitched by Kendall Ryan. After the major cliffhanger of Volume #2 with Olivia finding Noah in the bathroom with a needle in one hand a condom in another , readers were left wondering if this was the last straw and if Noah and Olivia were over for good and what more importantly would happen to Tate and Cane as without a baby their inheritance is ka-put . Volume #3 brings out a massive argument between Noah and Olivia as she feels betrayed not only by Noah but also her father as how could he dare put in the contract about having a baby without asking her permission. During this time though, Noah discovers that he really does love Olivia and that without her - he has nothing on a personal level. With the help of his best friend Sterling and Olivia's best friend Camryn he will create a plan titled Operation: Win Olivia Back as he hopes all is not lost in the marriage side of things. Meanwhile with the business still suffering, Olivia and Noah must come up with a plan before it's too late - a plan to catch investors and bring Tate and Cane into the modern era. Despite their personal problems, can they pull off the event of the year to save their business ? Without spoiling the book , I shall finish off with the words that Volume #3 was a great conclusion to the series - however, I personally found Olivia's character quite dramatic and stubborn as I wanted to scream at her "Get over yourself , he was doing this for you too" and talk to him and listen. In saying that Kendall Ryan brought Hitched to a lovely conclusion in the Epilogue where everybody was a winner.
If you love romances, serials and looking for a quick read on your break then check out Hitched Volume #3 by Kendall Ryan.

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