Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review: Little Sister - David Hewson

Little Sister (Pieter Vos, #3)

Review: Little Sister - Book #3 Pieter Vos Series - David Hewson - May 2016

Every now and again, I love my mystery and serial killer novels but I like them to be captivating and have a great storyline otherwise I have no interest as if they can't grab me then I put them back and when it comes to this genre, I find I am quite fussy.  Little Sister by David Hewson had a great blurb and I was intrigued to read it as another favourite of mine to read in this genre is when the children have committed the crime as it makes it more fascinating without sounding like a psychopath. In Little Sister it introduces us to two girls Kim and Mia who are the remaining two of their family left as ten years ago, their mother/father and sister as they were triplets were murdered. Kim and Mia decided to take revenge into their own hands and kill the person they thought was responsible for their deaths. The girls 11 years old at the time were sent to a juvie mental institution where they have been patients until now. Since the girls have aged out and the doctors agree they are no longer a risk to the society, they are being let out into the "real world". Turns out though that in the "real world" they are not in for sanctuary as now that the girls are out and can tell the actual truth of what happened that night,someone is cleaning house and harming everyone involved and of course who better to frame than the two girls who already have murder on their rap sheets. I have to admit, I did find the storylines good but once it became a massive and I mean massive conspiracy, the book started to lose my interest but I kept reading hoping to come to the truth and discover what really happened that night with Kim and Mia . When we finally did get the answers, I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the ending especially when the truth was revealed about the final moments of Kim and Mia's family.  This was the first of David Hewson's books I had read and I have to say that though I did enjoy it , unless there is another captivating blurb he won't be one of my go-to authors for mystery and serial killer novels.


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