Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review : Twas the Night - Various Authors

In the spirit for a bit of belated Christmas tales ? Here's a collection of Tales titled Twas the Night ... by authors Sandra Hill, Trish Jensen and Kate Holmes ( not to be confused with actress Katie Holmes).
'Twas the Night

Review: Twas the Night - Sandra Hill , Trish Jensen and Kate Holmes - October 2001.

Twas the night before Christmas and all was snowed in , not a airplane to be flown in the sky. Our story starts in a way that reminded me of the movie with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn "Four Holidays" mixed with the overall story reminding me of "I'll be Home for Christmas" starring Jonathon Taylor Thomas. In the Twas the Night , it seems like an anthology but it isn't , its a lot like Let it Snow with three stories all interweaving into one. The novel starts with a wedding invitation inviting three men who grew up in a boys home to the wedding of their mentor. Each of these three men vowed never to return home until now. We have Slick aka Sam who is a Navy Pilot , Kevin who is a ex-police officer turned Bounty hunter - think Gerald Butler's role in the film "The Bounty Hunter" and last but not least ex-football superstar Stan.  Unfortunately for these three , their trip home isn't going to be as easy as 1-2-3. Their ride home will come in the form of get ready for it - a Santa Brigade bus filled with retired geriatric santas. For Sam , he's about to discover that his long-time crush is the driver of the bus, will this be the christmas where Sam will finally discover what true love is or will it continue to be a bumpy ride as Reba has already been duped once before ?
For Kevin, work always comes first so of course on his way to the wedding he stops to pick up bail jumper Callie whom he needs to drop off at Maine. Is Callie innocent or is she hiding something much more serious and will this christmas entitle the pair to a hunter-criminal relationship ?
Last but not least is ex-footballer Stan and forest ranger Dana , are these two meant to be or will the fiery passion between them stand to be too hot and keep them apart ?
Will the three men make it in time and one piece to the wedding and will this christmas be one that they will never forgot as they discover what Santa may have in store for them all.
A love story that will set hearts on fire and one with the christmas joy and spirit.

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