Cover /Excerpt Reveal 'The Gathering Storm' by Lucy Varna-

The Gathering Storm
Daughters of the People # 6
By- Lucy Varna 
Genre- Fantasy/ Romance /Romantic Suspense

Sigrid Glyvynsdatter and Will Corbin work to discover the secrets of the Bones of the Just.

And here is an excerpt from 'The Gathering Storm' 

Sigrid snapped her fist back, preparing to punch. A hard hand wrapped itself around her upper arm, holding her in place. She swiveled around and came face to face with the bartender.
“I said no fighting.”
Sig yanked at her arm. “Stay out of this, barkeep.”
He stared her down, one hand wrapped around her arm, the other loose at his side. “My bar, my rules. You don’t like them, there’s the door.”
“Run away, now, coward,” Moira sneered.
Sig jabbed her elbow back and missed. Damn it, where had the little firebrand gone?
The barkeep snagged Sig’s other arm and yanked her against his chest. “No fighting,” he gritted out, and his mouth came down on hers, hot and hard and demanding.
Her anger over Moira’s smart mouth evaporated into incredulity. Who did this upstart think he was, assaulting a Daughter of her breeding and reputation? She’d plowed through so many men just like him, she couldn’t even remember all their names, and he thought he could tame her with a simple kiss?
The very idea was laughable.
He yanked away from her, breaking the kiss.
She wriggled her shoulders. “Let me—”
“When you calm down,” he said, and he slid his mouth across hers again, softer, less urgently.
A slow thrum of heat tripped into her blood. It had been months since she’d allowed a man to kiss her, months more since wicked desire had heated her blood. Perhaps she could give this man a moment more before she lashed out and taught him a lesson. She relaxed against him. Why not? One kiss wouldn’t kill her and it would lure him into dropping his guard. She could dispatch him after she’d taken her pleasure and pay the requisite fines on the morrow, if his kin insisted.
He hummed against her mouth and shifted his grip, one masculine hand cupping her nape, the other at her waist. His lips were supple against hers, giving, and his tongue darted out, testing the seam of her lips.
Heat threaded steadily through her, growing inch by inch, and the noise around them faded. She parted her lips, inviting him in, and gripped his hips over low-waisted jeans. He was warm against her, solid, and patient in his explorations. His tongue dipped into her mouth, teasing her, and he nipped her lower lip.
Desire stuttered to life inside her and her skin tingled. Oh, he was good, so good, and deliciously sweet. She flicked her tongue out. Mint and chocolate mingled together in his mouth, and she tasted him again and again, eagerly sampling what he willingly offered.
His hand tightened on her nape. He eased away and stared down at her, his light green gaze oddly dispassionate. “Next time, you’re out.”
He let her go and pivoted away, pushing through curious onlookers toward the back room.
Sig staggered into the bar next to Moira. “Pick another fight with me.”
Moira snickered. “Aiming to get kicked out?”
“Aiming for another kiss.” Sig sucked her lower lip into her mouth and tasted him. Mmm. Mint and chocolate. A delightful combination.

About the Author-
Lucy Varna lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northeast Georgia, surrounded by her large, extended family. She's a voracious reader and enjoys nothing more than losing herself between the pages of a good book. Her writing draws extensively on her background in genealogy, history, and archaeology, as well as on her eternal love of Science Fiction, Fantasy, the paranormal, and suspense.



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