VBT# Jane Blond International Spy - Brianna and Stan Schatt

Jane Blond International Spy

Review: Jane Blond: International Spy - Brianna and Stan Schatt - September 2015

If you love spy novels and adventure packed stories , books like Ally Carter's Gallagher Girl series - then Jane Blond International Spy is the book for you as it follows fourteen year old Jane Blond - yep, just like the famous fictional agent James Bond as she navigates not only life with her stepfather but also her real dad in jail for a White Collar Crime , school but also bad guys and saving the day as she becomes in the middle of an active investigation after visiting an old family friend one night whose father is in hospital with Cancer. It all started because she left her jersey at his place , rubbed up against a chair and then on the school field trip set off the Geiger scale as "Radioactive" . This was followed by a FBI trip and soon grew into terriost attacks, kidnapping and of course being shot at numerous times. 
Jane will have to save the day with the help of her friend Bruce whose father is a CIA Analyst , her friend Jeff who has Aspergers syndrome and of course the Grey Parrot who has a knack for copying and speaking at the wrong times.
 This book is aimed at tweens and I found it quite a fun adventure novel , jam-packed with mischief and mayhem. Perfect for girls aged 12+.


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