VBT# Last True Hero - Diana Gardin

Last True Hero (Battle Scars #1)

Review: Last True Hero - Book #1 Battle Scars Series - Diana Gardin - November 2015

I am sorry, but first I have to get this out as I loved the colours of the cover with the yellowy background and blue writing, but the guy on the cover just doesn't do it for me - his body is a YES, his face is a NO. This could contribute maybe a little why, I couldn't connect as much with the story as when you are reading a book like this and their is a guy on the cover - you connect him as the lead character and it can influence how you view the guy. In Last True Hero Army Ranger Dare Connors has gotten out of the combat zone and in need for some dire rest and relaxation , so he heads to the smalltown beachside where his friend has now retired. It is here that he meets Berkeley while she is waitressing in the local diner. You can see from their interaction, that Dare isn't use to anyone saying no and he isn't going to give up on her either - that Soldier's perserverance. Berkeley comes from the world of military and has her whole life planned out for her and Dare doesn't fit into that equation. As the summer goes along though , she succumbs to Dare's charm and perservering and the two start a summer fling. As summer nears though, are the pair ready to say their goodbyes and go their separate ways ? Or have they both fallen too deep for one another ?
Find out in a Military New Adult Romance - Last True Hero by Diana Gardin.


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