VBT# Beyond the Ivory Tower - Jill Blake

When picking books to read , there are a few things that will make me want to immediately read them - the first is whether they feature Academia - if so then it's an immediate yes and the second is I do love romance stories and the tension/chemistry that sizzles. Beyond the Ivory Tower had both of that and more as the book starts out with the Female Lead Dr. Anna Lazarev who is a Doctor in Mathematics and our Male lead Ethan Talbot who has set up the Talbot Fund Scholarship - offering those who shine with potential to leave college and fund their start-up ideas. The book starts with Anna storming into Ethan's office as her sister Karla has gotten one of the scholarships and Anna - being her guardian is not happy that he is encouraging her to drop out of college. She is so angry about it , that she even blogs about the programme and the post goes Viral. Ethan intrigued strikes up a compromise which leads to Dinner and an amazing time together . The pair then go their separate ways, but now can't stop thinking about one another. Then of course we all know which way it leads - the sizzling romance and chemistry. I loved this part taking place in San Francisco as it reminded me of the time I was there for my holiday and I was like I've been there and could imagine Anna and Ethan walking along Fisherman's Wharf , seeing Lombard Street and riding the Cable Car. Then a suprising twist comes out with a School shooting in Anna's department - this was one of my favourite twists as I love in a non-creepy weird way - stories about school shootings. Will Anna survive and get her HEA with Ethan and discover the truth of what is hidden "Beyond the Ivory Tower" or will their happiness and desire to peek behind and see above, be cut short ?
Find out in Beyond the Ivory Tower by Jill Blake.
Only 99c on Amazon :)


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