Review: Zia The Teenage Zombie and the Undead Diaries - Angela Scott

ZIA, The Teenage Zombie & The Undead Diaries

Review: Zia the Teenage Zombie and the Undead Diaries - Angela Scott - September 2015

After a boating accident killed Zia , her father was desperate and went to a Witch Doctor and got Zia resurrected as a Zombie. Now living in a world which is divided between Supernaturals aka Living Impaireds and Humans , Zia must learn to navigate through her newfound world and if that wasn't as bad she has a new step-family and an annoying Stepsister who is the same age as Zia. Being a Zombie isn't all fun and games and in terms of the LI's being a Zombie is the bottom of the supernatural rung in term of prettiness as how pretty and beautiful can you be when you have a constant rotting corpse and the occassional maggot hanging out of your body, not to mention the odd limb coming apart now and again. Prior to becoming a Zombie, Zia had a boyfriend but once she became a Zombie all that disappeared , but now she has not one guy after her but three . Two are Zombies and the one she is attracted to most but knows she can't be near him is a human and there are rules about fraternizing between Zombies and Humans - a "stick to your own kind' rule. When a new bunch of LI's appear at Zia's school and start a revolution against the rules , will Zia be caught up in the mess when she tries to stand her ground ?
Being an average teenage girl is one thing and hard , but being a Zombie and a Teenage Girl is so much harder - whoever says that life gets easier once you pass hasn't met Zia The Teenage Zombie.
 This was a fun read and reminded me of the Generation Dead series by Daniel Waters and the book I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked it by Adam Selzer.


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