VBT# Wishful Thinking - Gabbie S. Duran

Wishful Thinking (The Dragon Knights #1)

Review: Wishful Thinking - Book #1 The Dragon Knights Series - Gabbie S. Duran - September 2015

When Lexie was younger, her twin sister Dani died of Cancer and this stuck with her whole entire life . This lead to Lexi's career working in the hospital , mainly in the oncology wards and pediatrics. Lexie's main goal in life is to give these patients their dying wish and she will go to all the lengths she can , just to make it happen including an overnight courier delivery of a pizza all the way from a different state. One of her patients, Ben is obsessed with the band The Dragon Knights and in particular the lead singer Kaleb Knight - after one of her other patient's father manages to give Lexie a VIP ticket to their recent concert, she sees this as her chance to give Ben his dying wish. It won't be easy though as when she meets Kaleb, he is nothing but a jerk. Feeling defeated, Lexie heads home and back to the hospital . Things start to look up and might even surprise her when the hospital gets a visit from Kaleb Knight himself. Over the course of the rest of the novel, we read as Kaleb tries to pursue Lexie and we learn more about both their backgrounds and discover that neither of them are a stranger to the Cancer world. What will happen though when Lexie starts to fall in love with Kaleb and she discovers a secret he is hiding which could change the course of both of their lives ? Can Kaleb and Lexie get their HEA or is it just Wishful Thinking ?
If you have read a lot of books like me and a few Cancer stories , you often feel that they are the same storyline over and over again. I can tell you readers that Wishful Thinking is not just another Cancer story and you will love it as much as I did and in parts, you may need a tissue. This book is as much about the Cancer patients as it is the Survivors and guilt.


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