VBT# The Last First Game - Gina Azzi

The Last First Game (The Senior Semester Series, #1)

Review: The Last First Game - Book #1 The Senior Semester Series - Gina Azzi - November 2015

This book captured my attention from the very front cover, as lately I have been watching and getting into the old TV series "Friday Night Lights" which is a football college series and enjoying it. This story focuses on Lila who is studying to become a doctor and this Fall she has accepted an internship and Cade who is on his way to becoming one of the next picks for the NFL which is the National Football League. The pair meet at the airport before heading and finding out that they are both studying their fall semester at the same college. They get talking and readers you can see where this is headed . As the story gets on though, we see life gets in the way of happiness and soon their dreams are the things pushing them apart from each other, we then are presented with the age old question as a reader - Can we have our dreams and love or do we have to sacrifice one for the other ? Often I have seen reflected in my own life, that we do end up sacrificing what we love , for those we love and sometimes we can sit wistfully thinking and regretting those choices. When Cade's dream is crushed by an injury, he thinks that at least he can soon get back on that ride but what will happen when it turns out to be much worse ? Will Lila be able to handle the pressure and be there for Cade when he needs her the most or will she be the type of girl who will leave him when the going gets tough ? I think in all relationships, it does come down to this moment on whether we are as a person strong enough to accept and handle what is chucked our way and also whether we hold the capacity to emotionally care for the person via empathy and concern and love as I have watched too many relationships crumble when the other person gets sick because one of the parties isn't strong enough to want to take care of him/her. 
The Last First Game by Gina Azzi is one of those New Adult stories which will show the test of whether a relationship can withstand even the hardest of news and whether with a good support system , can one be strong when their whole world comes shattering around them into tiny pieces.
The Last First Game Has Love, Romance, Sport , College and Angst all rolled into one Oval Ball.



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