VBT# Butterfly Ginger - Stephanie Fournet

Butterfly Ginger

Review: Butterfly Ginger - Stephanie Fournet - November 2015

Six years ago , Nate met Blythe and they had six glorious weeks together where they had a whirlwind romance and loved /lived life to the full and then the Summer came to an end and they were going to try a college romance. That was until Nate's Dad Richland passed away and things got heated and words chucked around. The pair then went their separate way and years passed, but both Nate and Blythe constantly thought of one another as the one who got away - their first true love. Six years later , Nate is owner of his Dad's landscape business and is a booming business owner at 25 and Blythe after losing her job etc is headed home to live with her parents till she can get back on her own two feet. One night, the pair run into each other and it's like time never passed in one aspect as they both still love each other so much, the thing is though that they both have changed and Blythe has a dark secret that could ruin everything for the both of them - the one reason, she doesn't get close to anyone ever again as she believes she is worthless.  Has Nate and Blythe been given a second chance at love or will Fate play a cruel hand and have Nate walk away a second time around ?
Butterfly Ginger is told in two tenses - the Past (Six years ago) which leads to the break-up and Present (Six years later) and alternates between both characters past/present lives.
For those who know me, I am a huge believer in true love and I love nothing more than Second Chance Love Stories as this is a lot closer to home to me than many may realise. The other thing that I loved about Butterfly Ginger was that Nate's mother had Autism and I have grown up in a household where three of the five members were on the Autism spectrum.
 If you are a sucker for an Second Chance at Love HEA , then Flutter away and curl up and read "Butterfly Ginger" by Stephanie Fournet.


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