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Out of Character

Review: Out of Character - Molly Zenk - August 2015

Do you love reading books about Reality TV shows and what goes on behind the scenes ? Out of Character by Molly Zenk, starts with what is a tragic moment between twins Patrick and Harmony Jones as the pair talk about life after high school with his music and her acting and Patrick tells her to audition for the 1700's life show - then tragedy strikes. The novel then flash forwards two years and introduces us to an array of actors and actresses - all whom will be starring in this upcoming season of 1700s life. We have Katie - a commercial queen who wants to get into TV roles and something more substantial than the odd comercial and will do anything for the spotlight even if it means going undercover as Malcolm Banks's spy on 1700's life and stirring the drama for ratings , David - he is from England and is the face of Purity Perfume, he is hoping that being on 1700's life will help him find his way back to God and as a way to show his Christianity to the world , Elliot - has been playing the dark and intense characters in movies and now thanks to an ex-girlfriend fame seeker - he is having to listen as she describes him a stalker in real life. All he wants is peace and quiet from her ,the world and of course his Mother who is also his Manager and believes the 1700's life is the perfect getaway as he is closed off to the world , Harmony - on a whim, she sent in a video as she believes starring on the show is her way to remember Patrick but also help her move on with her life - imagine her surprise when she is given the lead role on the show. Out of Character gives readers a glimpse not only into the lives of the stars and what they wish to achieve but also the insight to what happens behind the cameras in a reality Tv show.  Readers, the other thing is if you do not cliffhangers - then do not read as Out of Character ended on a major one and at this stage, I do not see on Goodreads when a sequel will be out.


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