VBT# Tread - Brandace and Justin Morrow


Review: Tread - Book #1 Ronin MC Series - Brandace and Justin Morrow - November 2015

Are you a fan of the "true" opposites attract theory ? Can two very different people fall in love with each other ? I believe they can , once they look past each's others flaws and faults and find common ground. I found that Tread by Brandace and Justin Morrow was that sort of book . I was eager to read this book and find out what it was like as I had read all of Brandace's series Los Rancheros and Finding Sadie series. I have also been a fan of the Biker MC type books. When I started reading Tread, we first met a bit of background on the Ronin MC's and discovered that they were the baddest of them all and they sort of reminded me a mixture of J.A Huss's characters from the Dark,Dirty, Deadly series. The other person we meet is Grace , she is the Pastor's Daughter and yearns to live her life and not get trapped into a soulless arranged marriage where all her life would amount to getting married , having babies and cooking dinner for her husband - whom she doesn't even love. On the day of her supposed wedding , Grace runs away and lands into a bit of trouble where the Ronin MC's girls help her and take her back to the club. It is here where Grace's eyes will be opened and revealed to things she never quite imagined and for a pure innocent virgin - being at the club is a whole new discovery. Enter Tread , he is ex-military and part of the Ronin MC's and like the other guys, they love their girls for sex. He never thought he would settle for just one girl, but he has never met anyone like Grace and he will do anything in his power to protect her. One of my favourite things that I liked about this book is that they played with Grace's naivety and it followed throughout the story, as one thing I hate is when authors make their characters good and innocent at the beginning and by the end of the book - they are a raging slut or someone more experienced than they should be .
Filled with Hot Bikers, Bad Boys and Action/Adventure with a hint of Suspense and Romance , Brandace and Justin Morrow's new series "Ronin MC" has something for every reader out there.



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