VBT# Keeping the Tarnished - Bradon Nave

Keeping the Tarnished

Review: Keeping the Tarnished - Bradon Nave - December 2013

First , this book is quite a moving story which will have you in tears as it rips at your heart and as the reader you develop strong feelings for all the characters especially Johnny, the main character - I personally wanted to take him in my arms and love him , make sure everything would be ok for him and that no-one would ever hurt him again and then reading about his Dad, I wanted to kill him - he was such a mean person and I wanted his dad to suffer for all the pain he caused. I've never actually read a book where a character has made me feel so strongly with hate for them. One thing I really can't stand is abuse and violence towards innocent children, they should be cuddled and treated with love and respect. Not used as a punching bag , something to throw around, a money making machine or a pet. Keeping the Tarnished focuses on Johnny ,whom ran away from home when he was 18. Along the way, he meets Jackson who takes him home to meet his wife , son Jared and daughter Blythe. Jackson's family as they get to know Johnny, take him in under their wings - this part reminded me of the movie The Blind Side. Johnny has alot of issues that need to be worked out but Jackson's family are willing to stand by him all the way. Though this book had it's sad moments, it did make up for them as Jackson and his family had so much love to give Johnny and it made me smile, that he was finally get the family he deserved all along.
This is one book that you will need tissues for, you will also need to have someone you can vent to when the time comes about the different characters and your feelings about them as I had my boyfriend next to me as he played his Xbox and I read. If you can handle Dark Fiction, then Keeping the Tarnished really needs to be at the top of your current reading pile as when you finish this is one book that will haunt you for a couple of days as you won't be able to stop thinking about the life Johnny had before and what he will have now - after and it shows that sometimes being a good samaritan can change someone's life for the better and it only takes one second to make that decision - should I stay or Should I just walk on past ? 


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