Monday, November 16, 2015

VBT# Lowcountry Bordello - Susan M Boyer

Lowcountry Bordello (A Liz Talbot Mystery, #4)

Review: Lowcountry Bordello - Book #4 Liz Talbot Mysteries -Susan M Boyer - November 2015

It's Southern Time with Susan's latest release from Henery Press in the Liz Talbot Mystery series. This time it takes us to a Bordello which is a fancy name for an high class escort agency boarding house.  It all starts with Liz's friend Richard coming to hire her as his wife Olivia - one of Liz's best friends has been acting strangely and he wants to know if she's having an affair.  Liz declines as A) Olivia is her best friend and B) she's supposed to be getting married on Saturday and at this rate , she is behind on wedding plans as her new husband to be Nate is a lawyer and busy on a case too. The same night, Olivia rings Liz in a panic as she believes Richard is dead. Liz arrives and to her surprise there is no body in the parlour like Olivia said - this part made me giggle as it reminded me of the old boardgame Cluedo/ Clue. Turns out Olivia is half-owner is a Bordello which has been handed down to the females in her family line and Olivia is set to inherit it, she is also being blackmailed by her nasty cousin Seth. When a dead guy turns up the next day matching Olivia's description,  Liz takes the case and with the help of Colleen - her ghost friend who was her friend in High School , they will try to solve the case before more people are killed in the process. It turns out though that the Bordello also houses a few ghosts of it's own as the latest victim isn't the first to have died at the Bordello. Can Liz with the help of her friends solve the Mystery of The Dead man in the Lowcountry Bordello in time for her wedding on Saturday ? Also one of my favourite parts in this book was at the Wedding when Nate finally saw Colleen as Liz can now tell him her secret - what will happen though when Liz reveals to Nate who Colleen is and her dark secret ? 


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