Tuesday, August 2, 2016

VBT# Anything But Love - Daisy Prescott

Anything but Love (Wingmen, #3)

Review: Anything But Love - Book #3 Wingmen Series - Daisy Prescott - July 2016

After developing his coffee company , Erik and his brother are headed to a well deserved weekend in Cabo away from their small island hometown of Whidbey. What starts off as a boys weekend for two fo Whidbey's eligible bachelors ends up in a drunken weekend of sex , hookups and mishaps. During this weekend, Erik decides to jump off a rock into the ocean and in doing so loses his shorts. He has a quick bare bottom flash and a few whistles , but doesn't think much of it until he arrives back home and people are staring at him.  Turns out Erik is about to become famous for a certain body part that a girl he met during Cabo -one he can't get out of his mind Caribou Caldwell had snapped and shared on her twitter and now that body part has gone viral. It would have been ok if it is was his back, chest or arm but the part that has gone viral is his butt. Caribou is in town to try and make things right and Erik just wants it to end as the pair try to find a way to work together - they find that the spark they had in Cabo is still strong and the thing both were totally unprepared for will be the one thing that sneaks up on them both in "Anything But Love" by Daisy Prescott. One thing I loved about this is we get to catch a glimpse of the other characters from her earlier books in the series which I loved. For me personally, another reason why I love reading Daisy Prescott's books is that the idea of living in A) A smalltown or B) an island is that strong community feel where everyone knows everyone.
 If you are looking for a fun Social Media Mishap turned Romance story , then check out Daisy Prescott's latest in the Wingmen Series.

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