Friday, August 5, 2016

VBT# No Falling Allowed - Melissa West

No Falling Allowed (No Kissing Allowed #2)

Review: No Falling Allowed- Book #2 No Kissing Allowed Series - Melissa West - July 2016

In Book #1 No Kissing Allowed we met Cameron and read her story on how she met Aidan Truitt who would become her boss and eventually her boyfriend. In Book #2 No Falling Allowed, we are reunited with Cameron and Aidan as they are finally getting married and this book is the story of one of Cameron's friends Grace. Grace is the daughter of a billionaire and heir to his fortune on one condition that she comes and works for the family business. The thing is though that Grace is not set-up for the corporate life and wants to gain her own experiences and do what she loves which is event planning. When her job at the Met  is lost due to budget cutbacks, Grace is given two options - finally come and work for her Dad and their business or her now ex-boss has offered her a small job working as a wedding planner in the South. If Grace takes that job then her family have decided to cut her off. Will Grace take the job or will her priority be having wealth ? During one of her Met events , Grace meets a bartender filling in for his cousin Hunter and they hit it off and eventually have a one night stand. Hunter leaves due to commitments and since they never will see one another again , they leave it at that. That is until this book shows readers, that even in fictional worlds - the world can be small and the whole six degrees of separation kicks in to play as Grace's job sends her to Cricket Creek - home of Noah Hunter and his bar Hunter's Place happens to be one of the venues for the wedding that Grace is planning . Has destiny and fate given the pair a second chance at happiness or will this encounter prove awkward and make them understand that what they had was a one-off thing and that in their lives , sticking by the "No Falling Allowed" rule is vital.

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