Tuesday, August 2, 2016

VBT# The Sister Code - Hayley Allison

The Sister Code (D.O.R.K. Series, #2)

Review: The Sister Code - Book #2 D.O.R.K Series - Hayley Allison - August 2016

Madison Daley has had her whole life turned upside down when she discovered the truth about her birth and her past and now her father turned out to be  the lead singer of a famous band W3 and her mother turned out to be her all-time favourite actress Jacie Redinger. If that wasn't a big enough surprise , Madison shares her birthday with a twin sister Raven.  Have you ever watched the TV show "The Lying Game" with the twin sisters Emma and Sutton. If so then Emma is like Madison, naive and a generally nice person who wants to be friends with everybody and live a happy life being her self and making music. Whereas her sister Raven is exactly to a T like Sutton . A right-jerk who seems to be enjoying pulling the strings and hurting Madison and destroying her as seems like the spotlight is only big enough for one sister and Raven will do absolutely everything in her power to make sure that she is that twin.  What I loved about this book was though Raven had tried to mould Madison into her mini-me , Madison didn't let herself lose her personality completely , she might have changed a few things but she still remain true to herself and when things got tough - she headed back to her hometown in Kentucky.  What will happen to the family dynamics when Jacie aka Jessica reveals a tragic situation which may lead Raven having to move in permanently with Madison and her family ? The other thing I loved which was a side thing in the book was the fact that Madison was a girl gamer. I really loved the fact that she played WoW and Battlefield and that she wrote in an online journal. 
I am now looking forward to Book #3 as to read the development of the Jacie Redinger storyline and whether we may see romance in the air for certain characters.

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