Review: Aggressive Russian - Flora Ferrari

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 Aggressive Russian (A Man Who Knows What He Wants Book 94)

Review: Aggressive Russian - Book #94 A Man Knows What He Wants Series - Flora Ferrari - January 2019

If you ever need an instalove series to read and an author with books you can relax into and read, then Flora Ferrari is the author for you. When I want a quick read and a book where I don't have to think -then I always search out a Flora Ferrari book and I am bound to get one as she has written now over 100+ stories. In Aggressive Russian, we meet Julie, who is living in New York and studying to be a lawyer, she has just finished watching a cheap off-Broadway play about Romeo and Juliet in Russian. The neighbourhood is filled with Russians, and on her way to the taxi, she is mugged. A guy Vladimir comes to her rescue, and her property is returned. We learn that Vladimir wasn't there as a coincidence, but he had been hired to watch after her as he has had some dealings with her father, which of course Julie is oblivious too. Now that Vladimir has gotten close to her, he isn't going to let her go that easy which of course leads to the instant-love tale of Vladimir the Aggressive Russian and Julie the naïve American girl.  A Man Knows What He Wants are fast-paced instalove stories and great for anyone wanting a quick fix.


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