VBT# Bright Burning Stars - A.K Small

Bright Burning Stars

Review: Bright Burning Stars - A.K Small - May 2019
In the world of Ballet , it's definitely a dog eat dog world as only one can ever become the best and in order to be the best, you have to strive for perfection and sacrifice everything around you from your weight , comforts of your life, free time and sometimes friendships can be broken and destroyed , all in the name of scoring that big part in the ballet shows. Best friends Marine and Kate have trained together since they were little at the Paris Opera Ballet School. For years, it has been the two of them against the world. However, they are starting to age out of the Ballet school and this year is the year of changes. The year that will make or break their career. During the year , the two girls will find themselves both in the line of the Demigod's eyes. He is the best male dancer at the academy and girls who dance with him, find themselves reaching high levels. Marine and Kate promised to never let anyone get between them, but the Demigod will as Kate first captures his interest. Of course, the Demigod has a rating system and takes thrills in breaking the hearts and souls of the dancers. Though Kate is a great dancer, her heart is weak and we will read as she starts to isolate herself and create a bubble around herself and Demigod . Then he drops her and her ratings start to decline and life plummet. Then it's Marine's turn, she on the other hand as a strong determination as she joined ballet to honor her twin Oli's life.  Bright Burning Stars was a tale of the inner world of Ballet stars and that in order to get to the top and be the best the sacrifices in life we have to take and sometimes that means squashing the others around us. It also shows readers, that despite everything it is true friendship that will always prevail.


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