VBT#: Two LIke Me and You - Chad Alan Gibbs

Two Like Me and You

Review: Two Like Me and You - Chad Alan Gibbs - May 2019

They say they don't judge a book by its cover, but I have to admit that when it comes to unknown authors that is precisely what I do and this cover reminded me of the Daisy Prescott books. Once I opened the book though, it took me a little while to get into as I was like urgh a coming of age story and from a male POV nonetheless, but the thing is the book surprised me with the characters escaping to Paris, France to find an old lover of Garland Lennox. He is an older man with early dementia and has always dreamed of finding his long-lost love before he passes away. Enter Parker Haddaway who has lived an exciting life and ever since her parents died has been moved from one relative to the next - she takes a liking to Garland and with nothing to lose wants to help him but needs one more person to make this happen her classmate Edwin Green. He is the type that is generally in the background but dreams of his fifteen minutes of fame. The second half of the book will have the threesome running around Paris trying to track down Madeline - Garland's lover as well as trying to stay one step ahead of the authorities that want them to return home to America. Two Like Me and You turned into not only a fun YA novel but also a bit of a suspense and action type story. Two Like Me and You by Chad Alan Gibbs resonated as similar to the accidental type spy novels.


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