Sunday, May 26, 2019

Review: Lust - Ker Dukey

Lust (The Elite Seven, #1)

Review: Lust - Book #1 The Elite Seven Series - Ker Dukey - February 2019
Rhett had it all just like his namesake Rhett Butler until tragedy struck and his family fell apart. His mother left, and his father ignored him and blamed him for the family falling apart. Rhett started spending more and more time with his best friend, who comes from one of the wealthiest families in their town. While at his friend's house, he overheard one day and saw a notebook - this notebook was the ledger for a secret society called The Elite Seven. Ever since that day, Rhett has made it his life goal to become part of the elite seven and get his dedicated sin which is why lust is appropriate for Rhett as he has lusted over this spot ever since he could remember. Being part of a secret society through means having to do challenging tasks; otherwise, you forfeit your place forever. Rhett has been from afar lusting over a new bookish girl Chasity. It turns out that Chasity is the dean's daughter of St Augustine's and the guidance counselor's stepdaughter. As we know from the previous books, it's the guidance counselor who pulls strings. Rhett's task is to seduce Chasity and film it. However, can Rhett go through with the task or will he hand in his coin as he finds himself falling in real love with Chasity?  Like the others in the series, the Elite Seven are fast reads and worth the read.

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