Thursday, May 30, 2019

Review: Well Suited - Staci Hart

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Well Suited (Red Lipstick Coalition, #4)

Review: Well Suited - Book #4 Red Lipstick Coalition Series - Staci Hart  - April 2019
With the other three housemates all settled into their relationships, we are left with one more Katherine Lawson, aka Kat. Out of all the characters her and Amelia were my favorite two, probably due to their careers as Katherine is a librarian at the New York Public Library which when I visited New York, we did stop in and have a look and since it was also raining. I can say that I danced on their steps with my purple umbrella and have a photo to prove it. During Amelia's wedding to Thomas, Katherine got quite cozy with his twin brother Theo and mixing that with alcohol led them to have a one night stand. This has resulted in Katherine discovering that she is pregnant with Theo's baby. Ever the scientist and cynical one as facts are all that matter to her, she confronts Theo with the situation, just to let him know where he stands and what is happening. She isn't expecting anything in return. Theo, on the other hand, is ecstatic about becoming a father and wants to do everything in his power to have not only Katherine in his life but also the baby and offers up the idea of co-habiting. At first, she declines, but soon, she relinquishes and takes Theo up on his offer with boundaries and rules put in place, of course. Will Katherine realize that falling in love isn't as airy-fairy as she initially thought as she gets to know Theo and his family? The other part I liked about this book was that we had several scenes of Katherine in her job as a librarian, which, as a fellow librarian, I loved this part.  Well Suited was a tremendous fourth book in the Red Lipstick Coalition series and is definitely worth the read and perfect for all those who identify as a female geek like me in our lives.

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