Review: The Last Letter - Rebecca Yarros

The Last Letter

Review: The Last Letter - Rebecca Yarros - February 2019
I wasn't sure what to expect from this book as, to be honest, it's one I had wanted to read but had been putting it off as figured it was one of those heartwrenching stories where you had to be in the right frame of mind. The story starts with Ella writing to Chaos, aka Beckett in the army, he is best friends with Ella's brother. The pair of them start writing to each other, and she becomes Chaos's shining light and over the months of writing the couple start to feel a connection and possibly love for one another. That is until Ella stops receiving letters and discovers that her brother has been killed in action. At the same time, she is under the strong impression that Chaos died too as to why else would he stop writing to her? The thing is he is alive but not as well as he should be. He has received a "last letter" from his best friend telling him to go to their small town and to look after Ella and the twins. Beckett heads to town and pays a fee to stay at Ella's Inn for an extended length of time -armed with his dog. He gets to know the Ella he fell in love with and the twins he wishes were his. Beckett will become a part of the family, but what happens when he tells Ella the truth of his identity? Will he lose the closest thing to family that he has ever had? Will Ella, who has been betrayed and left alone by every male she has ever encountered be able to take the giant step of forgiveness and accept Beckett into her life especially when they are rocked with the news that her daughter is dying? I have to say this book packs a punch and had moments of OMG and sadness but also happy parts of family love. The Last Letter is worth reading and reminiscent of Nicholas Spark's writings.


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