Review: Sweet Disaster - Ceri Grenelle

Sweet Disaster (Stupid Awesome Love, #1)

Review: Sweet Disaster - Book #1 Stupid, Awesome Love Series - Ceri Grenelle - June 2018
This book was an interesting read if I can put it politely. I did enjoy the premise and the underlying love story between Tony and Sophie but what I didn't like was all the sex, it seemed that all this couple did from page one was a fight and then have great and fantastic sex. Break a few plates and yell and then let's have sex. That was the story in a nutshell two people who loved each other but were too stupid to admit it to one another that as the title suggests would be excellent for one another. The other thing is reading this. I thought it couldn't be this healthy to build a relationship on purely arguments and sex. I really liked the main male character Tony aka Antonio as you could see he wanted more from the relationship than a superficial fling of sex but Sophie, she really needed to get over herself, and ok, so you had a crap life and the men who have been in it so far and have been a-holes too, but that doesn't mean Tony is. Give him a chance, as hello, of course, he wants to be with you - he introduced you to his whole family - that means commitment in his mind. The book did eventually get it's HEA when Sophie finally came to her senses but trust me; she took her sweet time getting there and as the title suggests this book was one sweet disaster after another till it wasn't. I do have the other books in the series to read, but think I will wait a bit as not sure if I am up for another angsty ride this close but will get to them in the future, so stay tuned readers.


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