Review: Elaina - Jennifer Hanks

Elaina (The Dimarco Series, #4)

Review: Elaina - Book #4 The DiMarco Family Saga - Jennifer Hanks - December 2017

Often in books, you come across amazing families and you can't just help but wish that you could be a part of their family as no matter what is thrown their way, they just keep things down to earth and the love and banter are just so strong and beautiful. For me, one of those bookish families is The DiMarco's. Each book, just makes me want to be a part of this family even more as they have this amazing bond and the author has written them with such genuineness and sincerity. The start of this book is the carry-on from Book #3 with the aftermath of the shooting which saw Luke land in the hospital. Jake feels so guilty as it was his fault that Luke was shot as it was his toxic baby mama at play again. Now Jake has moved into a new house with Brayden and Julie is on the run again, for now. Since Luke is police, she has the whole force looking for her, not to mention the rest of the DiMarco brothers and extended family. Next door neighbor Elaina has no family and tends to be a homebody and prefers her dog's company as she is awkward around people. I liked Elaina's character as she was fun and quirky and reminded me a bit of myself. Elaina isn't normally Jake's type, but that's because he hasn't ever thought long-term, and Elaina is family material. They say kids are a great judge of character and in Elaina, Brayden - Jake's son just immediately attaches himself to Elaina and she just slots in perfectly with the DiMarco family. What happens though when Julie decides to return and this time she has reinforcements and not just wants to hurt Jake this time but also Elaina? Find out in Book #4 of the DiMarco series by Jennifer Hanks.



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