VBT# Twin Tales - Alike and Different - Brielle and Nadia Duperville

Twin Tales: Alike and Different

Review: Twin Tales - Alike and Different - Brielle and Nadia Duperville - October 2021

Twin Tales by Brielle and Nadia Duperville was such an adorable book and the illustrations were striking and very well done by Folksnfables. This story tells us the tale of two twin girls Alexia and Denise who are identical to look at and how even though they are identical twins and they may like some of the same things, there are a lot of things that they like different and that it is our differences that make us all unique. What I loved most about this book was that the authors are four-year-old twins and this story is based on their adventures of being the same but different and with their parents help, have managed to turn their everyday life and adventures into the work of children's picture book art to share with other children around the world who might be an identical twin and in the same boat or to show children that being different and unique and special in your very own way is great to be and how life would be such a boring place in you were all the same.


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