Review: The Only Child - Miranda Rijks

The Only Child

Review: The Only Child - Miranda Rijks - October 2021

This book captured my attention with the cover and I was in the mood for a mystery read. However, this book got on my nerves and frustrated the heck out of me. The book starts with meeting Chantal who is a lawyer and her husband Stuart who has just been promoted to an awesome news reporter slot. Life has been great for them as they are finally at the top of their careers, however, their son Alex has different ideas as he has currently turned into a pro-environmentalist and his current target is the LALO clothing company which the husband is Chantal's client and with his dad now in the spotlight, the family is under pressure and Chantal is starting to crack. If that wasn't bad enough, she is being blackmailed as seventeen years ago she chose that if anyone finds out the truth, it could cause dangerous consequences and a ripple of events. As I was saying at the start, this book frustrated me as I hated the son Alex as he was a spoilt selfish brat and such an arrogant prick, and then when the blackmailer is revealed and the ending revealed it was like seriously WTF. If you like mysteries, then you may enjoy this as everyone loved Gone Girl and even that had the worst ending than this book.



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