VBT# The Horror Film Killer - Michael J Bowler

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Review: The Horror Film Killer - Book #2 Film Mileu Thriller - Michael J Bowler - October 2021

I have to admit that this book peaked my attention with the title as I have always been into my horror films and then as I was reading it intrigued me. The Horror Film Killer introduces us to a group of performing art students who are putting together a horror film that pays homage to their favorite murder scenes in numerous amount of horror films. However, it looks like somebody is recreating their murder scenes and playing them out in real life. How is that possible when the only people who know what is in the movie are the students who are playing their roles? Is one of them the killer and taken murder to the next level and into reality, in a way this book reminded me a little of UK killer Daniel Gonzalez who was known as the Freddy Krueger/ Jason Vorhees Killer as he recreated the scenes from the movie when he murdered his victims. The downside for me though was though this book had an amazing premise, I couldn't connect to the characters as all of them even the main ones Cassie and Donovan just felt like spoiled brats and the book was a bit too slow-paced for my liking. If you don't mind slower-paced thrillers and love your horror movies and want to pay homage to them this Halloween, then The Horror Film Killer is the book for you.

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