Review: Fame ( Not Like in the Movies) - Lauren McKellar


Review: Fame - Book #1 Not Like in the Movies Series - Lauren McKellar - February 2016

Madison had life all worked out and this birthday should have been perfect as not only was she turning 23, she was up for a promotion at work and getting married in two weeks to her perfect fiancé. However, Madison's world crashed when her best friend got the promotion she deserved, she got moved to a department that covered healthy green living instead of fashion which was her world, and then to make it worst, she came home early and caught her fiancé bonking a girl from his job named Canada. If that wasn't bad enough, both Madison and her now ex-fiancé work in the magazine industry and are bound to bang into one another at events. When Madison is allowed to attend a wellness retreat in Bali for work, she jumps on the opportunity to at least get some time away and clear her head. Madison arrives in Bali and is also on the island filming a new movie is Hollywood actor Tate Masters. Over a night of drinks, the pair connect and imagine Madison's surprise when she realizes that she just slept with a Hollywood actor and now the next time she meets him, she will let him have it as he just turned her into the worst thing she hates - a cheater. To the world, Tate Masters is in a relationship with actress Mikaela, but the truth is not what it seems. Maybe visiting the island was just the perfect remedy for Madison as she is not only rediscovering herself, finding happiness but also a possible new romance. Fame was a good read and one I waited so long to read as I am busy trying to clear my kindle of reads, I have had for years like this one. The other thing I loved about this book was that it was set in Australia mainly , being across the ditch - I often feel at home with Australian set books.



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