Review: Some Call It Love - Sarah Peis

Some Call it Love (Sweet Dreams, #1)

Review: Some Call it Love - Book #1 Sweet Dreams - Sarah Peis - November 2020

In a way, this book reminded me a bit of a fun Beauty and the Beast romantic comedy tale. Willa's father is a gambler and now he has gambled away too much money and owes a couple of loan sharks. One of them Jameson Drake has come to collect and since Willa's dad doesn't have the money, he has come to Willa to collect. Now she has 24 hours to come up with the money or else. Since she hasn't got that much cash lying around, she now will become indebted to Jameson Drake. He has a way for her to pay her dad's debt by being a receptionist/office manager at the Mechanics he owns. Now Willa is trying to juggle her two jobs and college classes to pay her dad’s debt. What will happen though when she starts to fall for Jameson Drake? Is she suffering from a case of Stockholm Syndrome or are the feelings both mutual? However, just when things are starting to look up for Willa - another set of loan sharks, this time worse than Jameson Drake's end up kidnapping her? Is Willa destined to be passed around loan sharks or will her luck change with love in the air? Some Call it Love by Sarah Peis was a fun romantic comedy with sweet elements and I am now looking forward to reading the rest of the series.


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