VBT# The Fortuna Coin - Karen Ann Hopkins

The Fortuna Coin

Review: The Fortuna Coin - Karen Ann Hopkins - October 2021

Looking for a good time travel romance with a hint of suspense? This book is set around the Fortuna Coin, a coin that gives you second chances. This part reminded me of the movie 17 Again as in this book, it starts with Wendy getting married to Ben Engel and her four daughters supporting her until her ex turns up and disaster strikes. After the disaster strikes, she finds herself waking up and its years earlier and Wendy is waking up after fainting at a nightclub with her best friend Julie. No husband, no children. Wendy has been given a second chance at life. However, will she have to live through horrible choices again and her life to finally gain happiness?  The Fortuna Coin was a slow-paced story but good romantic suspense and a little frustrating as you wanted Wendy to make the right decision and not make the same mistakes over again.
The Fortuna Coin reminded me of a cross between The Time Traveller's Wife and Where Rainbows End.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3E2JQxg


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