Saturday, October 23, 2021

Review: They the Pretty Stars - Eden O'Neill

They The Pretty Stars (Court High, #1)

Review: They the Pretty Stars - Book #1 Court High Series - Eden O'Neill - May 2020

This year, part of my reading goal was to clean up my kindle which means reading books that have been sitting there for a while, like this freebie They the Pretty Stars by Eden O'Neill. This interested me of course as love my bullymances and school fiction. In this book, our main female lead December aka Ember is heading to live with her dad as her sister Paige has disappeared and she hopes that by being there, she can help save her sister just like Paige saved her when she went through a hard time. The sisters have always been there for each other in their toughest times. This time though, things are strained as Paige asked for space and now Ember has arrived and things are off. Her dad treats her like she is a burden and deserved what she went through and in her new school, she is in Paige's shadow as Paige's little sister. The difference though was Paige was everything Ember wasn't from stunning, athletic, and a lesbian. When Ember starts school, she learns that Paige's best friend was Royal Prinze who is head of "the Court" and the most popular guy in school.  Now if Ember is going to discover what happened to her sister, she has to get in with the Court for answers. Can Ember infiltrate the Court and befriend them as Paige did? They the  Pretty Stars ends on a pretty big cliffhanger that leaves readers going OMFG and needing Book #2 in a heartbeat.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vCkwuV

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