Review: Totally Folked - Penny Reid

Totally Folked | Penny Reid

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Review: Totally Folked - Book #1 Good Folk Series - Penny Reid - July 2021

Set five years after the prequel Book #0.5 which was called Just Folking Around which saw Jackson James and Raquel Ezra meeting and having a one-night stand as Sienna and Jethro Winston tied the knot. Despite Raquel wanting to stay, she left anyway. During the five years, the two changed as Raquel ended up getting engaged to Harrison - a fellow actor and receiving all the big roles and becoming a popular actress and Jackson James when his father retired took up the role of Sheriff of Green Valley. Along with both their new careers, Jackson also became sensible and decided to put his playboy ways behind him as his father had drilled that a Sheriff had to act a certain way and settle down.  Jackson chose his friend Charlotte who is a single mother of 4. The pair enjoy each other's company, but the chemistry isn't sizzling. Now five years on, Raquel is tired of Hollywood and needs a change of scenery and a break from the glitz and glam. The last time she was truly happy was five years ago when she was in Green Valley. Staying with Sienna, Raquel is bound to run into Jackson. When the pair meet, the chemistry and heat rise from the page and Charlotte realizes she has to let Jackson go as she will never have his full heart and spice.  Is Raquel ready to give up the glitz and glam and settle down or is Jackson willing to leave Green Valley for LA? Find out in Totally Folked. I do have to admit Jackson's story wasn't a favorite of mine but the fact that we got to see a lot of Winston Family moments and of course Cletus quips made up for it.



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